The developers over at Keen Games have clearly stated in their FAQ that Enshrouded is intended to be a co-op game where players work together instead of against each other as they believe it’s more fun.

However, that same FAQ also states that while a PvP mode isn’t planned, there may be a chance at something “just to have some fun on the side.” Leaving the conversation open for possible future content instead of altogether shuttering the idea is a smart move on their behalf.

Conversations in the Steam Community seem to have a different sentiment toward the idea of a PvP mode integrated into the game.

User Dr.God posted, “This game will die without PvP,” with no supporting info or arguments as to why they believed so, seemingly just to stir up some conversation (which they did successfully).

People quickly took the bait, and over a hundred expressed discontent with any form of it entering the game. Most were just concerned that it deviates from the core gameplay and ideal of what the game is meant to be.

With lots of inspiration from Valheim, which does allow players to clash, Enshrouded wasn’t conceptualized with it as part of the experience, and it seems most players are willing to stand by that.

It soon became apparent that Dr.God was trolling/jester farming and racking up free internet points for their unfound statements, but that didn’t stop the onslaught of opinions.

So, while the conversation might still be open for a possible PvP-esque mode making its way into the game, the player base seems vehemently against it in any shape or form.

A community-made mod that would support player vs player combat is always possible, so don’t fret if you’re part of the group that wants to implement PvP.

Overall, it looks like it won’t be happening, which is probably the best bet, considering how easy it was to enrage many players with obvious bait.

Whether this was a strategic community feedback poll by the devs themselves or a troll enjoying their spoils, PvP seems to be a no-go for Enshrouded.