Microsoft has rolled out a new update for Xbox this February, enhancing the gaming experience for its users. This update highlights the introduction of touch controls for remote play on mobile devices. This feature simplifies navigating through the console’s menus, making it more user-friendly.

When gamers dive into a game, a basic touch control setup becomes available for all titles. However, this specific setup will take precedence for games that already support touch controls on Xbox Cloud Gaming. This ensures a seamless gaming experience across various titles.

Moreover, the update brings a tool for calibrating the sticks on Xbox wireless controllers. Microsoft suggests using this feature, especially after a controller repair, to ensure optimal performance.

The update also includes improved filters and sorting options for games and apps, allowing users to search based on accessibility, languages, and specific features.

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Lastly, the update introduces new options to make logging out and removing profiles easier. This is particularly aimed at enhancing the usability of consoles connected to hospital TVs, ensuring a more accessible gaming experience for everyone.

This update reflects Microsoft’s commitment to improving user experience and accessibility, making gaming more enjoyable and convenient for its vast user base.