YouTube Simulator Roblox Quick Start Guide

youtube simulator roblox

Have you ever wanted to be a famous YouTuber and earn a bunch of money? Well you can in YouTube Simulator on Roblox! In this guide we will tell you the best way to start earning money so you can customize your studio.

YouTube Simulator Roblox Quick Start Guide

When you first start the game you will have an iPhone and 250 videos worth of space on your SD card.

Follow the step by step process below to learn how to begin making money.

We suggest starting at the Music studio to get some quick starting money.

  1. Click the iPhone in the middle of your screen at the bottom.
  2. Press the “E” key on your keyboard or your left mouse button. Each click will produce 1 video that goes into your storage.
  3. Click “E” or your left mouse button to record videos until you max out your SD card storage.
  4. Once you max out your storage a message will pop up telling you that you’re out of space and need to buy more or edit the videos.

    You can click edit videos and it will take you to the studio. You can also click the “To Studio” button at the bottom left corner of your screen at anytime or walk to the studio building to go there.
  5. When you’re in your studio go to your computer; sit down and click it. You will then convert your videos on your SD card into money by clicking similar to when you’re recording.

If you’re lazy you can download an auto clicker so you don’t have to spam your mouse or “E” button.

Making Music

One of the best ways to get some income when you’re first starting out is by going into the Music building with the Bugatti parked out front.

youtube simulator rap music studio

Once inside talk to the producer then stand next to the mic and click it with your left mouse button to begin making music.

You’ll know if you’re doing this right if you see your Roblox avatar say “Lalala” and see a bunch of fire emojis around the room.

Keep doing this then at the end the fire emojis get converted into cash.

youtube simulator music recording

This is an extremely easy way to make over 1,000 cash when you just start out.

However, you can only make music every 2 hours so make sure you watch the time so you know when you can do it again.

Upgrading Your Equipment

Once you have some money you’re going to need to purchase some upgrades.

These upgrades can include more storage space, better cameras that give a better “click to video” ratio, and better computers that give a better “click to edit” ratio.

Camera and computer upgrades can be found in the upgrade building.

SD card upgrades can be purchased by clicking the “+” sign next to your SD storage on the left side of your screen, or by clicking the big SD icon near the upgrade building.

You’ll first want to buy a better camera with some of the money you got. That way you can fill up your storage faster for less clicks.

You will also want to upgrade your storage so you can store more videos before needing to edit them.

Lastly you will want to upgrade your computer after you upgrade your storage. That way you can edit through your videos faster therefore making more money with less clicks.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this simple guide covered some of the basic tips you need to get started on YouTube Simulator.

We hope you found this article helpful! If you have any questions or concerns be sure to comment below!

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