Zombie Mode – Among Us Mod (Easy Android Install)

among us zombies mode download

Among Us Zombie Mode – Easy Install

Looking for a way to play the Among Us zombie mod / mode with your friends? Maybe you read our original, longer zombie mode tutorial here.

In this updated article we’ll show you how to jump right in with this easy install from Skeld.net for Android players.

This updated version is only for Android and is not yet available for PC.

Among Us Zombie Mode – Android Install

The first thing you need to do is head over to the Google Play store on your Android and install the Skeld.net server switcher app.

among us zombies mod download skeld.net
Skeld.net Server Switcher Android App

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to install the Android app from the Skeld.net developers

Among Us Zombie Mode Android App by Skeld.net

Zombies Mode Install Instructions

  • Go to the Google Play store and search for “Skeld.net”.
  • Download the Skeld.net server switcher app by Skeld.net
  • Close the Among Us app if you have it open
  • Open the Skeld.net app and hit “Switch”
  • Start Among Us as usual and start your own game
  • DO NOT open the region picker at all
  • Open the chat bubble and type /gamemode zombies

Enjoy playing the Among Us zombies mode with thousands of other people online or with friends!

There are a lot of Among Us lovers around the world all trying to play the zombies mod, so you might have some trouble finding a server, but don’t give up!

Skeld.net is constantly making updates to their custom mod servers and they are going to be adding all kinds of different game types!

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