Among Us Zombie Mode: Mods

among us zombie mode

Among Us Zombie Mode


It feels like every day a new Among Us mod emerges on YouTube. The biggest streamers and influencers always get their hands on the cool stuff.

This week the Among Us zombie mode modded game type is the most popular mod circulating around YouTube.

Check out this video by YouTuber H2ODelirious

While watching the YouTubers have a blast with their friends is always entertaining, the community misses out on the mods.

Most YouTubers don’t provide instructions or links in their gameplay videos. This sucks because it leaves the rest of us wondering how to play.

How To Play the Zombie Game Mode

This Among Us mod is different from others. After installing mods, you can play multiple different modded game types right inside of the Among Us app.

Follow the steps in the video below to play this modded game type (Android & PC).

If the video wasn’t enough, here is a step by step guide on how to install the modded lobby.

Step by Step Guide (PC)

among us zombie mode

Step 1 – Download the Files

First, head over to and read the information on the mod & the Skeld modding community. Download the files from the Skeld website, or below.

For the US servers (main servers): Download

Step 2 – Paste the file path

Press Win+R and paste in this text: %APPDATA%/../LocalLow/Innersloth/Among Us

Step 3 – Open the file path

Hit enter, and a folder should pop up, containing files named announcement, gameHostOptions, playerPrefs, etc.

Step 4 – Copy regionInfo.dat into folder

Copy the file you downloaded earlier, and paste it into the folder. If Windows asks you if you want to replace the pre-existing regionInfo file, choose Yes.

Step 5 – Start / Restart Among Us

Start Among Us (or restart if already open) and go into Online. In the bottom right corner, it should say You’re done!

among us zombie mode

Step 6 – Returning to official servers

If you ever want to go back to official servers, simply open the region menu (the globe icon) and select a region. Among Us will replace your regionInfo.dat file with the official one.

If you need help with any of these steps, join the Skeld Discord! Click here to join the Discord.

Step by Step Guide (Android)

Make sure you run Among Us first. Perhaps play a game of normal Among Us to make sure everything is setup.

Once you’ve done that simply follow these steps to join

Step 1 – Download the Files (OS 10 or Lower)

The file you need is the same for both PC and Android.

For the US servers (main servers): Download

Step 2 – Open “my files”

Go to “my files” under the Samsung folder your phone should automatically create.

among us zombie mode

Step 3 – Open the modded file

Long press the most recent file (assuming you didn’t download anything else)

among us zombie mode

Step 5 – Copy the file

With the regionInfo.dat selected, hit copy.

Step 6 – Copy to internal storage

You’ll know it’s copied by the bar at the bottom. Next, go to internal storage.

Step 7 – Navigate to the folder

Select the Android file directory.

Select the data file.

Scroll down to the among us file (listed as com.innersloth.spacemafia)

Open the files folder

among us mods

Step 8 – Delete & replace file

Delete the original regionalInfo.dat file.

And copy the newly downloaded file in its place. Make sure it’s name is regionInfo.dat.

Step 9 – Start & Play

Start Among Us (or restart if already open) and go into Online. In the bottom right corner, it should say You’re done!

among us

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