Zuckles Banned From OTV Rust Servers for Sweating

zuckles otv rust ban

Popular Twitch streamer Zuckles who was playing on the new OTV Rust servers has been banned this week.

The ban comes as a surprise to viewers as the OTV Rust servers only launched a week ago.

The OTV server was meant to be a safehaven for popular Twitch streamers to make user friendly content.

The server stands for what many gamers are calling “vanilla” gameplay. It’s meant to be a low stress, non try-hard environment for streamers to create content.

Why Was Zuckles Banned?

Apparently Zuckles was banned for playing too “hard” and making it tough for the other streamers to have a good time.

While many argue in favor of Zuckles and consider the ban nonsense, he did technically break the “rules” of the server.

While Rust is most definitely a try-hard game for serious players, the OTV Rust servers were designed specifically for a certain type of gameplay.

In a now deleted Tweet, Zuckles fans immediately came to his defense on Twitter. Zuckles tweeted.

No longer allowed to play on the OTV Rust server, content was fun while it lasted, apologies if I ruined anyone’s rust experience.

Rust Developer Mocks Streamer

After the news of Zuckles ban hit Twitter, Rust developer Garry Newman took the chance to mock him for his actions.

He agreed that even though Rust is mean to be played a certain way, the OTV Rust server serves a certain purpose.

Just a little tough love for Zuckles form the general gaming community.

What do you think? Should Zuckles have been banned from the elite Twitch rust server?

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