The Roblox game Nico’s Nextbots has been around for a couple of months now, and the recent Blackout update with the help of exposure by content creators like XQC and IShowSpeed has helped boost its popularity.

Ready for new content? Here’s what we know about the Blood Moon update.

For this one, we look at the Blood Moon update and what lies await excited Roblox players.

Nico’s Nextbots Blood Moon Update

The Blood Moon update is currently available in Nico’s Stu testing server, which you may also join by following instructions in their Discord server.
nicos nextbots testing server

Various leaks by Roblox testers and a game developer have floated around the internet lately.

One of these Roblox testers is Roblox Youtube content creator Variez who has this video here.

Variez triggers the Blood Moon event in the video by typing “/Blood Moon” on the console command section.

The screen becomes red, Nextbots becomes faster, and the event lasts six minutes.

Aside from the Nextbot buffs and visual effects, the devs also have a new nextbot planned.
nicos nextbots blood moon update

Talk about most of the new features that have been announced or teased as part of the Blood Moon update from Variez’s video are seen above.

Roblox gamer Votex uncovers more content on the Blood Moon update.
nicos nextbots blood moon update

The screenshot from Votex’s video above shows the updated player effects of the Bloxy cola, which now gives you extra movement speed.

Unlike GM Russia, the Blood Moon update is not a leak or rumor but officially confirmed by one of their developers named jasper_creations.

In a clip of one of the jasper_creations’ live streams, he can be seen manually activating the Blood Moon event through console command and briefly commenting on a current bug that interferes with the Blackout event when the Blood Moon event is forcefully triggered.

All the reliable content about the Blood Moon update comes from Nico’s nextbots most reliable resources.

All we know so far is that you can move faster, Nextbots will move faster, but your main goal remains the same, to survive the Blood Moon.

With the schedule pattern and timing of Nico’s Nextbots, the Blood Moon update should drop in a couple of days or weeks.

If you want to know more about Nico’s Nextbots or play in their testing servers, then here is the link to their Discord server, and here is a link to the test server.