Most Kingdom Hearts fans would agree that the time between titles is excruciatingly long. Kingdom Hearts 3 was released six and a half years after Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, which is the closest title that can be considered original Kingdom Hearts content in the classic Kingdom Hearts style. If you’re timing between KH2 and KH3 the gap becomes nearly thirteen years.

Naturally, if you’re a fan of the series, you have to wait forever for a new title to release, and there aren’t many other options. Most people play Kingdom Hearts to experience

Sora’s journey through various Disney titles, but the gameplay is no slouch either. Few series have replicated the fun, fast-paced, and floaty combat style offered by the Kingdom Hearts games.

So, would we buy a game that captured that gameplay style without all the Disney elements? Could a game be similar enough without the corporate integration to be considered Kingdom Hearts-like? Weird Beluga, an indie game developer out of Spain, certainly thinks so.

Six days ago, a tiny developer called Weird Beluga dropped a teaser for their next game, Duskfade. The teaser follows a boy with spikey hair in a red and blue outfit with large yellow shoes, carrying an oversized cartoony sword. He effortlessly floats and slashes his way through dark inky enemies with glowing yellow eyes.

The backgrounds include a beach with a long wooden dock, a cathedral-like area with beautiful stained-glass windows, and a sprawling city with cobblestone streets. Saying Kingdom Hearts inspires it would be generous.

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All that ribbing on originality aside, it looks beautiful, and Kingdom Hearts games come out so infrequently that seeing this was exciting. For such a small developer, the teaser hits that KH feeling beautifully.

The game is likely a long way away. That teaser is the first information about the game, and they haven’t even started the Kickstarter yet. I wouldn’t expect the title this year, but even still, it will probably be released before the next Kingdom Hearts game.