Epic Games has announced plans to make a comeback on iOS and launch its Epic Games Store in Europe in 2024. This move comes after the European Digital Markets Act opened doors for more competition against Apple’s App Store on iPhones.

Epic Games aims to leverage this opportunity to reintroduce Fortnite to iOS devices and offer other mobile games without the need to pay Apple’s 30% commission.

In 2023, Epic Games obtained a developer account for Europe, setting the stage for the development of an iOS-compatible Epic Games Store. The company’s Swedish branch, Epic Games Sweden AB, will oversee the mobile versions of the Epic Games Store and Fortnite in Europe.

This development promises to bring back Fortnite to iOS in Europe this year, thanks to the new legislation.

Fortnite has evolved beyond its Battle Royale roots, expanding into a universe that includes LEGO Fortnite, Fortnite Festival, and soon, a range of Disney worlds for gaming, shopping, and connecting with content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar, and more.

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Epic Games also shared insights into the most popular PC games on its store in 2023, though specific sales or user data was not disclosed. The list includes top titles across various categories, highlighting the platform’s diverse gaming offerings.

This strategic move by Epic Games not only aims to reintroduce Fortnite to European iOS users but also challenges the current app distribution monopoly, potentially changing how mobile games are accessed and monetized in the region.