It seems as if JRPG players will have plenty of good news to talk about, as recent reports suggest that both Persona 3 Reload and Granblue Fantasy Relink have experienced strong launches.

The former has become the most significant launch for its developer, while the latter has become a popular entry among fans of the upcoming series.

Both of these games have joined the likes of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth as some of the strongest game launches on Steam alone, meaning that their success could extend beyond the likes of the popular PC platform.

Starting with Persona 3 Reload, the game’s Steam Charts data suggests that this game has become the most significant launch for developer ATLUS. According to the data available on Steam DB, the game has seen a peak player count of over 45,000 players.

This count has beaten the previous release of Persona 5 Royal by over 10,000 players. Persona 5 Royal has reported a peak player count of over 35,000 players for those who are curious.

Another JRPG that has reported a strong launch is Granblue Fantasy Relink. This game has experienced a relatively strong launch with a concurrent player count of over 110,000 players.

Data from Steamdb reveals that the game has become a wide success among Action RPG fans with a strong player count that trails behind other massive successes such as Monster Hunter World.

With this data in mind, it’s easy to say that the beginning of 2024 has been a relatively substantial period for JRPGs on Steam.

While we still don’t know how strong the games above have been performing on other platforms, it’s easy to imagine that they have been successful over there as well.

After all, Persona 3 Reload is available as part of Xbox Game Pass for Xbox and PC players. As such, it’s easy to assume that the game has seen more players on more accessible platforms and consoles.