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A writer from Mexico with a huge passion for gaming. Ule prefers to spend a lot of his time playing RPGs and Adventure games. He has an obsession with fluffy creatures so you often will see him using an Eevee as his avatar.

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Street Fighter 6 Reveals Ed as Next DLC Character

Ed joins Street Fighter 6's DLC roster, bringing a boxer playstyle with ranged attacks. Set for release on February 27, Ed brings new dynamics and a Ruined Lab stage.

Ule Lopez | February 13th, 2024 8:51 AM


Resident Evil Revelations DRM Enigma Protector Removed

Capcom has removed the controversial Enigma Protector DRM from Resident Evil Revelations, addressing issues that prevented play on Steam Deck and impacted PC performance.

Ule Lopez | February 13th, 2024 8:45 AM


SEGA Reports Poor Financial Quarter; Blames “Weak Sales” of Recent Games

Despite a challenging quarter attributed to underperforming titles, SEGA's recent hits hint at a potential turnaround in its financial fortunes.

Ule Lopez | February 13th, 2024 8:30 AM


Several Xbox Games Remove Series X|S Mentions

Recent store page updates remove Series X|S logos from Xbox games, fueling rumors of a shift to multi-platform distribution.

Ule Lopez | February 13th, 2024 8:14 AM


Announced SEGA IP Revivals Coming to Switch Successor [Rumor]

Rumors intensify around a Nintendo Switch successor with SEGA planning releases on the new console.

Ule Lopez | February 8th, 2024 9:11 PM


Disney Acquires $1.5 Billion Stake in Epic Games

The Walt Disney Company acquires a $1.5 billion equity stake in Epic Games.

Ule Lopez | February 8th, 2024 7:11 PM


Persona 3 Reload Sales Top 1 Million, Making it ATLUS’s Fastest-Selling Game

ATLUS credits the Persona community for the monumental success of Persona 3 Reload.

Ule Lopez | February 8th, 2024 10:08 AM


EVO 2024 Lineup Confirmed, Includes KOF XV, Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising, and More

Tekken 8, Mortal Kombat 1, and Street Fighter 6 among the modern titles at EVO 2024.

Ule Lopez | February 8th, 2024 9:49 AM


Lies of P x Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Crossover Content to Come Next Week

February 14 marks the arrival of unique Wo Long gear in Lies of P for all players.

Ule Lopez | February 7th, 2024 7:14 PM