In a significant move within the gaming industry, CVC Capital Partners is on the verge of acquiring Jagex, the studio behind the popular game RuneScape. According to Sky News, the deal is valued at £900 million and could see CVC taking a controlling stake in Jagex from the Carlyle Group.

This development comes just five months after Carlyle Group began looking for buyers for Jagex, which they acquired two years prior.

The acquisition aligns with CVC’s strategy to invest in companies with a solid international presence. Jagex, known for its flagship title, RuneScape, has been a critical player in the gaming industry, with a valuation reaching up to £1 billion.

The potential purchase by CVC Capital Partners marks a significant investment in the gaming sector, highlighting the value and appeal of established game developers with a loyal player base and substantial intellectual property.

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This move by CVC Capital Partners underscores the ongoing interest and investment in the gaming industry, which continues to grow and evolve.

With Jagex’s strong position in the market, this acquisition could pave the way for further growth and expansion, benefiting players and stakeholders alike.

Stay tuned for more updates as this story develops, signaling a new chapter for Jagex and its beloved RuneScape community.