Final Fantasy expats at Artisan Studios, Takeshi Oga and Hitoshi Sakimoto, join the team of this dreamlike JRPG.

We are in the golden era of nostalgic classic-era-inspired JRPGs. From games like Sea of Stars from Sabotage Studios to Chained Echos from Matthias Linda, there is no shortage of NES- and SNES-inspired games out there for us to enjoy. Now Canadian-based studio Artisan Studios is throwing their hat in the ring. However, they are eschewing the typical old sprite look for one more akin to PS1-era games a la Chrono Cross.

Overall it looks gorgeous, with environments that look to be painted by hand reminiscent of French impressionism and exciting action-based combat that has grown more popular among modern JRPGs.

Known for their games Astria Ascending and Super Neptunia, Artisan Studios is no stranger to JRPGs, and now they have some old-school talent on their side to bolster their forces and make a game to remember.

Takeshi Oga of FFXIV and Siren fame will be in charge of illustrations. Then we have the incredible Hitoshi Sakimoto, lead composer of FFXII, in charge of music and audio direction.

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The game is shaping up pretty well according to its first trailer, here’s hoping it can deliver. Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think. Lost Hellden releases in 2025 for consoles and PC.