Capcom has officially announced a new brand collaboration with the apparel icon Puma. The collaboration is set to happen later this year, and it’s done as part of Capcom’s strategy to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the longstanding series.

The collaboration between Puma and Monster Hunter was officially announced through the Monster Hunter Twitter page. The announcement features an image of a Palico riding the Puma logo as a mount, a nod to the way Monster Hunter Rise’s Palamutes work.

The announcement, when translated roughly, reads: “To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the “Monster Hunter” series, a Puma x Monster Hunter Collaboration has been decided […] We plan to release many products featuring newly drawn illustrations.

The Airou x Puma Cat collaboration illustration was also released. 2024 Season coming soon.”

For those unaware, Airou is the Palico seen in the Monster Hunter x Puma collaboration art. Airou is the Japanese equivalent of felyne, the name given to Palicos who are not partnered with human Hunters.

Felynes and Palicoes are part of a larger species known as Lynians. Other subspecies featured in the family are Melynxes and Grimalkynes, all of which have been featured in the Monster Hunter series in one way or another.

The Puma x Monster Hunter collaboration is set to happen on March 11. While the details regarding the partnership between the apparel brand and the longstanding game series are sparse, it’s easy to speculate that it will bring some apparel and some game cosmetics.

While this news might be disappointing for Monster Hunter fans waiting for more information regarding the next installment, Monster Hunter Wilds, it’s worth noting that Capcom will reveal more details about this game in the summer.

As such, there is still something to look forward to soon that will be part of the 20th Anniversary celebration.