A shocking development in the Halo universe has unfolded thanks to a job listing from Microsoft. The job listing suggests that the next entry in the Halo series might be set to release across multiple platforms, marking the legendary series’ arrival on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

The news surrounds a 343 Industries job listing on Microsoft’s website that seeks a Lead Systems Designer.

The listing states that the role will be fit for someone who understands modern console/PC games and has experience with live service games.

The position involves several key responsibilities, such as developing future Halo game systems throughout the development lifecycle, leading the expansion and refinement of Halo’s metagame, and maintaining collaborative relationships with all development disciplines to ensure a best-in-industry production process that avoids silos and reinforces a unified product vision.

However, the outlier in this job listing’s key responsibilities is this statement: “Set clear design goals and deliverables, focusing the systems design team on achieving a high-quality, cohesive experience for all players, on all platforms.”

The phrasing might be vague, but one of the interpretations could be that the next game in the Halo series might be released on multiple platforms.

Another interesting yet unrelated tidbit of information from the job listing is that the next entry in the series will be developed in Unreal Engine, as one of the qualifications that Microsoft seeks is experience working with Unreal Engine tools.

This means that Halo is set to abandon its Slipstream Engine in favor of a more cross-platform-friendly engine.

Now, there are other ways this phrase could be taken. After all, the game series is now released on Xbox and PC. As such, it’s easy to infer that the words “on all platforms” apply to both Xbox and PC.

As such, it shouldn’t be used as fuel to the fire that Xbox exclusives might appear on other platforms. Still, it would be a nice addition for multiple platforms, especially with the addition of crossplay between all of them.