Roblox is a trendy game with various games for you to enjoy. One such game is Roblox Rainbow Friends. Thanks to its unique and fun gameplay, it has gained much traction since its release.

However, since the game is gaining new players every day, chances are that you are also a new player.

In that case, this article with show you the Roblox Rainbow Friends beginner gameplay and starter guide.

Rainbow Friends has multiple monsters that you have to look out for. On top of that, you have to roam around the map to solve various puzzles and win the game.

There are multiple endings in the game, and the end depends on how you play the game.

If you want to know how many monsters there are and how each of the monsters works, continue reading to find out.

We’ll also show you some beginner tips that will assist you in surviving and winning the game, alongside a few steps that will help you get a good ending.

Avoiding the Monsters

First, let’s talk about what type of monsters you will face in the game and how they work.

As aforementioned, there are multiple monsters in the game – four to be exact, and each of them has its purpose.

Therefore, to beat the game, you must understand how each of them works to avoid them accordingly.

You will come across the Blue, Orange, Green, and Purple monsters during your journey.

Each of them has a unique ability and weaknesses that are unique to them.

If you want a detailed guide about all of the monsters, check out our Rainbow Friends all monsters guide.

How to Win and General Tips

rainbow friends roblox tips You must survive five nights to win the game and complete various objectives.

On the first day, you must collect the blocks and place them on the table. These blocks are found all across the map, so make sure that you explore each corner and manage them.

Be careful of the Blue Monster, as he will hunt you during this phase. To know where to place them, follow the blue arrows that you find spread across the map.

The next night, you need to collect 15 food packs and place them in the dispenser.

Again, the Green Monster will be awake, so watch out for him. This night is the same as the previous one, so explore the map and collect the food packs.

On the third night, you need to collect 15 fuses. Now, the Orange Monster will awaken and actively hunt you. Avoid his trail, and you will be good to go.

On top of that, the Purple Monster will also be active during this time. As a result, you will notice various puddles in front of vents across the map.

Before crossing the puddles, look into the vents to see if the monster is there or not. If the monster is there, do not cross the area, or he will grab you.

Finally, you need to collect nine batteries on the last night. However, once you do that, you’ll notice that you must survive one more night.

Plus, it will be pretty dark this night since there is no power, so make sure to walk around carefully.

On the “last” night, you need to solve the small puzzles the host gives you and escape the building.

This shouldn’t be difficult because it is primarily a chase sequence where you have to run in a vent from the Blue Monster.

As soon as you exit through the door, a cutscene will play, and you will win the game.

How To Win Roblox Rainbow Friends Fast

Maintain a low, sneaky posture throughout the game and use the monsters’ weaknesses against them.

Do not be afraid to run around the map to find all of the required things.

Since all of the items you need to collect are randomly spread across the map, you need to work with your team to locate and collect them.

Remember that you can carry multiple items, so make sure to pick up whatever you find.

Also, use your box well since it can help you avoid the Blue and Orange monsters.

However, please do not step on the Orange Monsters line with your box because he will catch you!