The controversial anti-mod DRM surrounding Resident Evil Revelations by controversy has been removed. A recent patch that Capcom issued has been deployed. This patch removes the controversial DRM responsible for making the game impossible to play on Steam Deck devices. It seems like Capcom has been listening as the DRM was removed today.

According to PCGamesN, the DRM was stripped from Revelations. Perhaps other games in the Capcom catalog will also remove this controversial DRM in the future.

Capcom’s Enigma Protector DRM has been a controversial addition to many of Capcom’s titles. The software is known for keeping the game’s source files from being tampered with or pirated.

However, the DRM has also been shown to adversely affect players’ PC performance, with reported frame drops of up to 15 FPS on most systems.

In addition to this problem, games with Enigma Protector DRM have been reported to become unplayable on Steam Deck. While this issue doesn’t seem to affect every Steam Deck, as reported by Kotaku, it is still a widespread issue that has kept many players from playing Resident Evil Revelations on the go. The controversial DRM has also been reported to be added to Capcom’s other games like Monster Hunter Rise.

Enigma Protector’s addition is unsurprising, considering Capcom’s recent anti-mod stance. Capcom has said in the past that mods are considered “cheats,” as shown in their “Anti-cheat and Anti-Piracy Measures in PC Games Recommendations for In-House Production” R&D meeting declared in October 2023.

But now, the backlash from users has become an insurmountable threat against Capcom’s plans. Resident Evil Revelations was plagued by negative reviews, with many users discussing their displeasure with adding the DRM. Other players also left negative reviews on other, older Resident Evil games like Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

While modder FluffyQuack told PCGamesN that perhaps Enigma was retired due to a bug that affected the game’s DLC, there is the possibility that the controversial DRM was removed due to the massive backlash.