Starbreeze Studios, the developer behind the much-anticipated game Payday 3, has openly admitted that the game is performing “well below” expectations.

This revelation came as part of their financial results for the fourth quarter of 2023, covering the period from October to December. Despite high hopes for the game, both sales and active user numbers have fallen short of what the company had hoped for.

In response to this disappointing launch, Starbreeze has committed to continuously updating the game to meet players’ expectations and regain their trust. The studio, in collaboration with publisher Plaion, is identifying both short and long-term changes, with a roadmap of updates and improvements set to be published in February.

Starbreeze remains optimistic, drawing on examples of other games that have turned around after poor launches. They believe that listening to player feedback and providing ongoing support are key to Payday 3’s potential success.

Payday 3 was officially announced in 2016 but didn’t enter production until 2017. Following a challenging 2018 that nearly saw the company go bankrupt, the project’s future seemed uncertain. However, a financial boost in 2021 from Koch Media (now Plaion) allowed development to continue.

Despite its rocky start and a current Steam approval rating of just 40% (25% among recent reviews), Starbreeze has seen some success with Payday 2, which has managed to attract 400,000 active monthly players in the third quarter.

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Looking ahead, Starbreeze aims to diversify its portfolio by developing new games and working on licensed projects like Project Baxter, a game based on Dungeons and Dragons announced in December. The company’s strategy reflects a commitment to overcoming the initial setbacks of Payday 3 and strengthening its position in the gaming industry.