The next character to join the roster of DLC fighters in Street Fighter 6 has been announced, and it’s none other than Ed. Coming back from Street Fighter 5, this character will provide a new pugilistic combat style that may give some players a run for their money. The announcement comes with a new trailer, which can be seen below:

Ed is a no-nonsense character who traded his kick normals for a more boxer-like playstyle. While he might look like a boxer at first, he has a few range options that can get him to engage against opponents from a distance.

Additionally, the character has some fierce options, such as a cross-up and projectiles, making him a force to be reckoned with at all ranges.

There are a few more things to note about Ed. For one, his Modern inputs will retain the structure that was found in Street Fighter 5. Meanwhile, the Classic version will integrate different motion inputs like DPs and QCFs into his playstyle. This shift in focus hasn’t been seen since Blazblue Centralfiction gave more complex movesets to certain characters.

His V-Trigger 1 has been adapted into a Level 2 super, continuing the trend of returning characters having their installs or past V-Triggers show up as their specials or supers.

Other examples of adapted V-Trigger moves are Juri’s V-Trigger 1 and Zangief’s V-Trigger 1. Additionally, his Psycho Rising has been changed into a stance attack that keeps parts of his V-Skill 1 and V-Trigger 2 alongside a command dash.

Ed will also come with a new stage known as Ruined Lab. This stage showcases the aftermath of Shadaloo’s fall as its laboratory lies in shambles. Owners of the Year 1 Ultimate Pass and Ultimate Edition will automatically receive this stage when Ed is released.

Various quality-of-life updates will also be introduced, including switching button displays on PC and adding an Extra Lighting feature to Photo Mode. You can expect Ed to drop on February 27 for owners of the Year 1 Character Pass, Year 1 Ultimate Pass, Deluxe Edition, or Ultimate Edition.