Gaming news has been brimming with news and rumors of an upcoming Nintendo Switch successor. While Nintendo hasn’t officially confirmed this console’s presence yet, multiple gaming companies have either mentioned it in passing or given way to rumors regarding its impending release.

Now, another company is stated to be releasing its upcoming games on this Switch successor, SEGA.

SEGA recently announced IP revivals of Jet Set Radio, Shinobi, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, and Crazy Taxi. This announcement, which shocked the gaming world at the 2023 Game Awards, has revealed rumors about which platform these new games will be released on.

The latest source of the rumors is Midori, a well-known leaker of information that recently talked about the news of Persona 4 and Persona 2 remakes.

According to the leaker, the upcoming SEGA titles will be released on the Nintendo Switch successor. No further information regarding whether this game would be released on the original iteration of the Nintendo Switch was announced.

Another exciting piece of information about the upcoming games is that Jet Set Radio will have both a reboot and a remake, which will be announced at the Game Awards. The Jet Set Radio reboot will also feature new characters mingling with old characters in a new storyline.

Midori also spoke about how Crazy Taxi had a reboot and remake initiative with a planned release window for 2027. Meanwhile, the game announced at The Game Awards is the reboot, which is expected to have online elements.

While not a remake, it still is a welcome surprise for Crazy Taxi fans who have been expecting a new entry in the series since the early 2000s. Treating this as a rumor is essential until further developments are announced at either SEGA or Nintendo.