Cygames has recently revealed the roadmap for future content updates in Granblue Fantasy Relink.

Monster Hunter-like Action RPG players will be happy that the game will receive a steady content flow with new characters and a new ultimate boss, which will be the most challenging content for endgame players.

According to information revealed on Cygames’ website for Granblue Fantasy Relink, the game will receive content updates throughout March, April, and May. The content will be distributed mainly for free, but there will also be paid content additions yet to be announced.

March will see the addition of Lucilius, one of Granblue Fantasy’s significant villains. This astral being filled with hatred for the gods will be the ultimate fight for Relink players as he will be added as a boss fight that promises to be some of the most brutal endgame content for players.

Lucilius will be available in single-player and co-op so multiple players can challenge him.

April will see another content update drop in the form of two new characters that can be acquired after completing certain conditions. Seofon is a melee-focused character who wields two swords and deals high combo damage.

Meanwhile, Tweyen is an archer capable of firing various magic arrows, each with unique effects.

May’s content for Granblue Fantasy Relink is a mystery, but some players might expect another expansion for the game. The contents could be another story expansion that elaborates more on the lore elements brought by the game or new character additions that come from the gGachagame and are translated into Relink.

Regardless of such, it looks like players will enjoy plenty of content that will keep them playing Granblue Fantasy Relink for a while. With the game’s incredible success on its Steam launch, this marks a sound era.