Fortnite is no stranger to exciting collaborations, having previously partnered with video games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Tomb Raider. Now, rumors are swirling about a potential collaboration with the beloved anime series One Piece, promising a thrilling adventure for anime fans across the globe.

One Piece, created by Eiichiro Oda, is experiencing a surge in popularity, especially after the successful launch of its live-action adaptation on Netflix.

This move has significantly boosted the series’ visibility, making it a perfect candidate for Epic Games to introduce the pirate crew led by Luffy into Fortnite’s ever-expanding universe.

The rumor originated from the XboxEra podcast, known for accurately leaking information on collaborations with TMNT, Doom, and Avatar. According to ShiinaBR, One Piece is expected to make its way to Fortnite, though specific details remain under wraps.

The collaboration could take various forms, with character skins being the most obvious choice, given the series’ distinctive art style. There’s also the possibility of a more elaborate event, similar to what was done with Marvel, which would undoubtedly delight the fans.

As of now, Epic Games has not confirmed these rumors, and the exact timing of the collaboration remains unknown. This news comes alongside recent leaks about a potential crossover with Power Rangers and Disney’s investment in Epic Games to create an expansive universe within Fortnite.

This partnership between Fortnite and One Piece could mark another milestone in bringing together the worlds of gaming and anime, offering fans new ways to engage with their favorite characters and stories.