The rumored shift of the Xbox exclusives to other platforms has made waves across the gaming community. While everything regarding the move is only rumors and insider accounts, it still has made several players believe it’s imminent.

Not helping things was an announcement by Phil Spencer stating that there was an upcoming announcement regarding “the future of Xbox” coming next week. This only stoked the flames and confused players even more.

As it turns out, said announcement has also confused several of Xbox’s developers, even though they are unaware of what will happen by next week.

According to The Verge’s Tom Warren (on a ResetEra thread), internal staff at Xbox is uncertain about what the so-called “future of Xbox” will be.

“I just wanna make it very clear that most folks in Xbox don’t know the full details of what Microsoft will discuss next week. So people that are backtracking on certain stuff never really knew either.”

The fire continues to be fueled regarding the shift of Xbox exclusives to multiple platforms elsewhere. A recent job listing implied that the next game in the Halo series could be going multiplatform.

Specific critical details regarding the job’s responsibilities indicated the possibility of the game launching on platforms besides Xbox and PC.

Not helping things is the fact that Hi-Fi Rush was datamined not long ago after the game’s Anniversary update dropped.

The datamine saw multiple shirts for the main character, Chai, that suggested an impending move to various platforms, including PlayStation and Switch.

The rumor mill will probably continue to be filled with uncertainty from Xbox fans and developers until next week’s announcement. So, it’s best to tread carefully around social media for now.